Inviting Farmers and Ranchers of all scales and production systems.

Join us for the sixth annual Soil Revolution Conference.

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Speakers include:
Jon Lundgren
Daniel Mays
Elizabeth Black


 7:00am -  8:00am

Registration and Breakfast

 8:00am -  8:15am

Opening Remarks

 8:15am -  9:25am

Practical Approaches to Regenerative Farming with Science

Jon Lundgren

Dr. Jon Lundgren
Dr. Lundgren will speak to the science of whole farm health, the importance of species diversity on-farm and creating a roadmap for farmers wanting to transition to regenerative farming practices.
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 9:25am -  9:45am

Exhibitor Introductions

 9:45am - 10:30am


10:30am - 11:40am

Strategies for Successful No-till Vegetable Farming

Daniel Mays

Daniel Mays
The tillage typically required for diversified vegetable products is notoriously hard on soils. Daniel will cover the no-till system he implements on his 3-acre mixed vegetable farm. This system has proven successful in cold climates and in both sand- and clay-rich soils. Where to start, the economics, and common pitfalls will be covered in this 50-minute session.
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11:40am - 12:25pm


12:25pm -  1:25pm

Local Updates

  • Therese Glowacki - Boulder County Parks & Open Space
  • Nick Colglazier - Colorado Corn
  • Cindy Lair - State Legislation Update
  • Elizabeth Black - Citizen Science Soil Health Project
  • Tim Broderick, Boulder County, Sustainability Grants
  • Peyton Ward - Longmont Conservation District Demonstration Plots 
  • Clark Harshbarger - Restore Colorado & Mad Agriculture
  • Vanessa McCracken - STAR program
 1:35pm -  2:45pm

Tools and Strategies for Continuous Improvement of Soil Health on Vegetable Farms

Daniel Mays

Daniel Mays
In this second session from Daniel, he will discuss how to go deeper with his no-till methods using mulches, cover crops, livestock, and perennial diversity to increase soil health, the farm’s bottom line, employee satisfaction, and community wellbeing. Daniel will cover the joys and challenges of this style of farming, the low-cost tools that enable it, and the ways he keeps track of and measures success.
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 2:45pm -  3:15pm


 3:15pm -  4:20pm

Fueling the Soil Revolution On-farm and Off

Jon Lundgren

Jon Lundgren
This session is a call to action for all attendees of the Soil Revolution! Broad-based changes are needed at all levels to reimagine agricultural systems that grow food while conserving biodiversity and environmental health. Dr. Lungren will discuss the financial, regulatory and systemic barriers to change and how growers and consumers can push for the change that is needed to have profitable, resilient and regenerative farms become the norm in America and globally.
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 4:20pm -  4:30pm

Closing Remarks & Door Prizes

 4:30pm -  5:30pm

Social Hour

Speakers & Presenters


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